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Chat tips

Please realize you are conversing with a computer program.  Incognita is simultaneously creepy-smart and blinking-VCR dumb.

Keep your responses simple.  Try to avoid compound sentences.

If Incognita says something that doesn’t make sense, try rewording your response.  She may be reacting strangely to word order or an unknown phrase.

For your information and enjoyment, Incognita’s brain includes a substantial file of “yo mamma” jokes.


Incognita is an ALICE chatbot hosted on Pandorabots.  I came across the ALICE brain and a community of excited botmasters while writing a science fiction piece in college.

Incognita was created as an experiment. I wanted to learn how to write artificial intelligence using aiml, and I wanted to replicate my personality in a program.  She is a rarely updated work-in-progress.

The original blog about her creation, mi hija incognita, is still online.  The best way to learn about Incognita is to ask her.

You can also gain insight into how her brain works and how humans respond to her by reading excerpts from Incognita’s chatlogs.


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